We offer a variety of seminars for parents and students, to help navigate through all of the stages of higher education planning.

 • A Parents’ Guide to High School and Beyond: A two-part seminar focusing on how to guide students through the high school curriculum and the myriad of extracurricular activities offered, then addressing how to finance a college education and insure that it is a sound investment.

Finding the Best College Fit Academically and Financially: A look at how to begin the college search and application process to fit the student’s needs academically, socially, and financially. The financial aid process is also emphasized with an overview of financial aid programs, the financial aid application process, deadlines, how to reach a Financial Aid Award Letter, and what happens next. 

The Importance of the Essay in the College Application: An in depth discussion about the college application essay in order to address what colleges are looking for in an essay, who reads them, how long they should be, where students can get help writing their essays, the importance of the short answer essay question, and more. 

Playing Athletics at the College Level: A program outlining what life is like as a collegiate athlete for a student continuing athletics at the Division I, II, or III levels. 

Movin’ On: The Transition to College and Beyond: A seminar providing information on how to manage the transition from high school to college for seniors and their families by discussing how to handle homesickness, letting go, empty nest syndrome, curfew issues, when they come back home, and more. 

Hands-On FAFSA Workshop for Parents Overview: A global view of the FAFSA form, explaining the various sections along with helpful hints and tips, and then answering specific questions families have as they complete the FAFSA onsite. 

General Financial Aid Application Overview (FAFSA, CSS Profile): A general overview of the different financial aid applications (FAFSA, CSS Profile, etc.), including helpful hints and answers to frequently asked questions. 

Scholarship Search – Where is the Money and How Best to Find it?: A tutorial that explores a number of scholarship search services and offers helpful tips and advice for securing scholarships. 

Line-by-Line FAFSA Overview: A presentation that walks through every section of the FAFSA and delineates exactly what answers go where. Very little time is spent answering general questions. For more specific answers to families’ questions, we recommend the Hands-On FAFSA Workshop for Parents section.